N-Solut was founded in 2006 as the B2B marketing and sales partner for Elektrobit's (EB) navigation solutions. N-Solut possesses the distribution rights for the global consumer navigation market.

The current product portfolio consists of software solutions for Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), Android Smartphones as well as Windows CE and Android Outdoor Navigation Devices.

Our marketing model is a straightforward "White Label" approach. This means that our customers can market and sell the product under their dedicated brands.

As a white label solution provider, our primary target is to lead our customers to success. We pursue a three-folded strategy for a sustainable positioning of our customer's products in the market.

White Label

First, we continuously extend our navigation offerings with market requested features.

Second, we offer one of the highest levels of customization available. As navigation is becoming more and more ubiquitous, differentiation in the look & feel as well as individual accents in the workflow of the application are getting essential to stand out from the crowd. We offer a rich set of tools and services to enable our customers to align our solutions to the respective strategy.

Third, we are dedicated to interface design and usability. Good usability is a key factor for the success of any software product. We aim to create software that regards the needs of users and adapts to their knowledge and understanding. By conducting usability tests with potential users right on from early project stages, we assure that the target group enjoys using your software product.

N-Solut is your partner from idea to product launch and beyond.