Conception and GUI for GPS Devices

For one of our clients we have created a user interface for GPS devices. Aside from specifying the features and defining the information architecture, also the icon and the screen design have been part of our services.


Usabilty Studies for GPS Devices

We have optimized the usability of one of our clients’ GPS devices through an extensive study. At this, two test series with potential customers were conducted. In this process the methods of Card-Sorting as well as an interview including usability questionnaires have been performed. The proposals for optimization of the first test series were implemented in interactive prototypes, which were then retested within a second series of tests.


Conception and GUI for Outdoor GPS Devices

For one of our clients we have taken over the conception and design process of an outdoor navigation solution. Our services covered the specification of all features, the information architecture as well as the graphical design of the user interface.


Iconset for Outdoor GPS Devices

Specifically for the use of outdoor GPS devices, N-Solut developed a specific Outdoor-Iconset.


Conception and GUI for Outdoor-Navigation of Android Smartphones

Within this project we developed an Outdoor-Navigation-App for the Android market and designed a user interface for it.

GoPAl UI Outdoor

Conception and GUI for Street Navigation on Android Smartphones

N-Solut has developed a Street-Navigation-App for the Android market and designed a user interface for it.


3D Exit Views

For various clients we have developed three-dimensional "Exit Views", which assist the driver with a realistic illustration of the exit situation, when exiting the Autobahn. Our services included the conception, screen design as well as programming the automatism, with which a package of various exit situations has been generated out of bitmaps.

Brochures and Flyers for Smartphone Manufacturer

For another customer, we designed brochures, flyers, product specification sheets and as well as the manuals for their smartphones.